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Blue Valley Building Corporation specializes in the field of building science, encompassing research and development, engineering, and the manufacturing of building components. Our primary focus revolves around health and safety, environmental sustainability, higher velocity in building speed, quality, comfort, and affordability. Through our advanced building system, which integrates durable and innovative materials, we streamline the construction process, enabling us to efficiently produce cost-effective homes within a timeframe of 4-6 weeks.

BVB's component building system is designed to handle todays extreme weather conditions, higher resistance to fire, resilient interiors for rentals compared to competitive building systems. 

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Every component of the Velocity building system is meticulously engineered for safe installation, optimal speed, and uncompromising quality. Our system is purposefully crafted with installers in mind, ensuring a seamless construction process. Additionally, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of occupants by designing for enhanced resilience, superior fire resistance, and the ability to withstand today's extreme weather conditions. Compared to other building systems, Velocity stands out with its commitment to providing durable and welcoming interiors for rental spaces.

Crafted for global shipping efficiency via air, sea, rail, and road, the building components are lightweight and designed to fit shipping requirements. Flat-packed within their protective skins, they exhibit superior durability through cellular manufacturing in local micro hubs.

Velocity hubs can produce up to 2200 units per year.  Appropriately named Velocity, manufacturing hubs offer a low-capital, scalable solution for localizing home building, specifically meeting the needs of the missing middle.

Building processes have evolved into capacities, ensuring the delivery of reliable and repeatable Velocity hubs, rapidly addressing Canada's housing requirements.

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